shutterstock_7331536-ogVehicles seem to always be improving. With their advancements, accessories to compliment them have also improved. With all the new ones coming out, it can be hard to know which is worth the investment and which you should go without. Here are some of the car gadgets that are worth it.


If you love to travel, chances are you’re not opening a map every time you need to get somewhere. There are great apps for that but sometimes those fail and you may not have that service on your phone. Instead of worrying about it, just invest in a good GPS system.

GPS is not only good for travel, it helps in your daily commute. With the system in your car, you can easily map out the best routes to take to work if you’re facing heavy traffic or other distractions. It can also remember locations you visit, which is great if you’ve recently moved to a new community. You may not think you need it, and there’s a good chance you don’t, but you’ll never have to stress out over directions again.

With an average price tag of about $90, this is a worthy investment.

Reverse Camera

Sure, you’re a great driver but even professional drivers aren’t perfect. You may do just fine backing out of your driveway while the neighborhood kids are playing but why not use something that could make it safer? Getting out of a parking space can be a stressful time, especially during a big shopping day. Instead of worrying about missing the runaway cart, the daredevil who walks behind your car or the inevitable car that can’t wait an extra 10 seconds, you’ll always have a clear view of what your rearview mirror might not.

The average price for the hardware is about $150 with installation at around $80.

Backseat TV

For the family-focused driver, a road trip is much less stressful when the kids can watch Spongebob in the backseat. You’ll have less fighting, less need for entertainment and with headphone jacks, it’s something they can do that won’t distract you from driving. You’ll notice that your next family vacation might actually be pleasant if you have enough distractions to keep the kids happy.

Not just great for children, a backseat TV could come in handy for your adult passengers too. We’ve all had to go on that road trip with a van full of people we don’t have a lot in common with. Even if you enjoy the company of everyone you’re with, sometimes you just been a break from conversation. Whatever your reason, this will help with stress management while traveling.

The average price for a system is less than $100.

These gadgets will pay for themselves in no time. With the GPS, you will do less driving around to the wrong place which will save you in gas. The reverse camera could save you from serious accidents and the TV will save your road trips! These three are definitely worth their price tag.