Pizza — it’s not just a food, but a centerpiece in all your greatest memories. Whether you eat it with your kids as you watch Disney Pixar’s latest creation, or with your buddies when sports history is made, one thing is for sure: pizza is a timeless classic and here to stay. While great pizza can be made in your oven, the very best pizzas come from the restaurants that are pioneering the food industry. Here are a few pies that you’ll have to try the next time you’re in North Canton, OH.

1. BAM! Healthy Cuisine


Image via Flickr by SweetOnVeg

While pizza isn’t exactly known for its nutritional values, BAM! Healthy¬†Cuisine offers an array of vegetarian, gluten-free, and organic pies. This is a great place to go and try something new. It’s perfect if you’re suffering from food allergies and can’t just eat in any old place. Not only does this pizza joint offer super healthy pies, but it has a variety of foods you can pick and choose from like wraps, subs, and salads that sport all the vitamins and nutrients you need to fuel your day.

2. Demico’s Pizzeria


Image via Flickr by British Mum

When you’re in the mood for authentic Italian food, Demico’s Pizzeria is award-winningly famous. Presented with the 2013 Best Restaurant in Stark County, OH award, it’s no wonder the place is always packed with diners. You’ll find a menu full of pizzas, subs, and salads all made with whole ingredients for the freshest tastes you’ll find in the world of great pizza. The customer service is also grade A, so you can rest assured you’ll be treated like family and fed like friends.

3. 91 Wood Fire Oven


Image via Flickr by Instant Vantage

With a name so catchy, it’s no wonder that this upscale casual restaurant is one of the best pizzerias in North Canton. All of its pizzas are baked in a wood-fired stove that gives them added flavors that explode on your taste buds. The ingredients are simple, like the Sexy Sprout Pizza with Brussels sprouts, Parmesan cream, and cheese, allowing you to taste¬†each and every aspect of its unique cooking process, along with all the cheesy goodness.

4. Ermanno’s Legendary Pizza


Image via Flickr by jeffreyw

Creating a new artisan pizza each month sounds impossible, but the folks at Ermanno’s Legendary Pizza pull it off. You’ll always have something new to try when you go, or you can still enjoy your old favorites. Ermanno’s sauces are brilliant and ingredients are fresh, ensuring that you’ll enjoy whichever pie you choose. The pizza shop even offers gluten-free and dairy-free options, so you don’t have to miss out if you’ve got food allergies.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a bad eatery in North Canton, but its pizzerias are surely paving the way for new and exciting developments in the food industry. Whether you’ve lived here all your life or you’re just passing through, be sure to check out a few of these amazing places.