Increase the value of your classic carAppraising your own classic car can be tricky and considering you want the most from your investment, you may want to improve the value by restoring it.  It’s important that you take the time and care needed to restore the beauty that once was.  If you don’t completely know what you are doing, you can very easily decrease the value or even worse, damage your vehicle. Although this isn’t a complete list, here are a few things to consider if you want to increase the value of your classic car:

Use matching numbers. In the classic car world, the most prize possession is not only a flawless car but one that is equipped with all of its original factory parts. If the vehicles major parts, including the engine, transmission, and rear axle and sometimes the alternator, carburetor, distributor, water pump and cylinder heads, match the original parts numbers, then this means that your numbers are matching.  Any time you need to repair or replace any of the parts on your car, you should replace them with the parts from the same year, make and model to help preserve the value of your investment.

Search old stock parts.  Although newer parts can be less expensive, as well as last longer, the value of your car could be decreased drastically.  In order to maintain or even boost the value, consider new old stock parts.  That may sound confusing. What we mean is, consider using parts that are new (in-the-box or on-the-shelf) from the same time period as your vehicle. If you can’t find the parts you’re looking for, you should also consider looking for a parts car; a car in the same year and model as your but in worse condition. You can’t find much worth in the parts car itself, but the amount saved in parts that you salvaged from it could be invaluable.

Fix her up. Easily one of the best ways to increase the value of your vehicle is by restoring the body; repairing or replacing old paint, trim or chrome.

Maintain detailed records. Make sure you keep well-organized, well-detailed records to help prove the condition of your classic car as well as detail the work you put into the restoration.  Impressive records could be the deciding factor for someone who’s interested in buying your car.

It is very important that you consider leaving your car as close to the original model specifications as possible, using as many original parts as you can, in order to maintain or increase its value.