shutterstock_126552695-ogJust like so many other operational things, your car requires a battery in order to function properly. Often times people have trouble distinguishing when it is time to buy a new car battery. Here are a number of signs that will help you determine that your car battery is in fact, dead.

1. Your overall car’s performance can be a key indicator as to your battery’s functionality. For instance, if you see that your car’s headlights are appearing dimmer, or your car changes it’s pitch when you turn on your air conditioner, these can all be noticeable signs that your car’s battery is dying.

2. If you turn on your car and it doesn’t start. Now, of course this can seem somewhat self-explanatory to many, but if your car doesn’t start, it does not automatically mean that the culprit is your car battery. If however, it doesn’t start and you hear a ticking sound or no sound at all when you turn the key, then this certainly can be the case.

3. Turn your radio on in your car, your overhead lights or your headlights. A battery is required to make each of these auxiliary parts work.

4. Open the hood to conduct a visual check on the battery. Corroded batteries for instance can definitely prevent your battery from working properly, as can any poor connections to the battery.

5. Test the battery’s charge. You can check the battery life by using a multimeter. A multimeter will allow you to see how much life is left in the car battery. You can locate these at any local auto shop in your area if you don’t already own one.  A number of places will even check your battery for you for free.

6. Try the battery out on another car. Chances are very high that if the second car won’t start as well, that the problem is a faulty battery. If it does start, then you will at least know that your car is having a different issue and not battery related.

No one likes that feeling of going to your car, turning the key and nothing happens. If you look for these different signs, it will help you determine if you are dealing with the car battery to get you back on your way again!