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shutterstock_126552695-ogJust like so many other operational things, your car requires a battery in order to function properly. Often times people have trouble distinguishing when it is time to buy a new car battery. Here are a number of signs that will help you determine that your car battery is in fact, dead.

1. Your overall car’s performance can be a key indicator as to your battery’s functionality. For instance, if you see that your car’s headlights are appearing dimmer, or your car changes it’s pitch when you turn on your air conditioner, these can all be noticeable signs that your car’s battery is dying.

2. If you turn on your car and it doesn’t start. Now, of course this can seem somewhat self-explanatory to many, but if your car doesn’t start, it does not automatically mean that the culprit is your car battery. If however, it doesn’t start and you hear a ticking sound or no sound at all when you turn the key, then this certainly can be the case continue reading…

6 Ways to Prevent a Flat TireNo one likes to be stuck on the side of the road, especially when it is the result of  having to change a flat tire. They always seem to appear at the worst times, be it on our drive into work, or when the temperature is below freezing. Although there is never a 100% guarantee protective measure, there are still a number of ways we can prevent a flat tire, such as the following six precautionary steps:

1. Keep your tires inflated properly

Experts agree that keeping your tires inflated properly can be just as important as keeping your engine tuned in terms of how well your car operates. If your tires are over-inflated, you will experience a rough ride, and at times your vehicle will be more difficult to control. If your tires are under inflated, they will go through more wear and tear sooner due to the increased friction that is needed, and they will ultimately wear out sooner. In order to check your tire pressure, you should use a tire gauge to check if you have the ideal pressure in all four tires.

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We can all agree that our cars can be an extension of our personality. Those of us who drive muscle cars do so with the intent to show off our sleek side as well as our powerful demeanor. In order to ensure that our muscle car is in it’s best shape possible, regular maintenance is a must. In order to save you money, and get you better acquainted with your car, we offer you easy do it yourself instruction.

We found this informative video from Dungeon Motorsports and thought this would help some of you guys with a late model Ford Mustang.

road-trip-pic5. Rocky Mountain Ramble, Northern Colorado: About 110 miles total, the Rocky Mountain Ramble highlights some of the most scenic parts of Rocky Mountain National Park which has over 147 lakes and over 350 miles of hiking trails that border the Continental Divide. There you can see where our great country literally splits. These views are truly a must for any traveler.

4. Big Bend, Texas: In the far southwest corner of Texas lies some of the most breath-taking elevation in America. Over 800,000 acres of Chihuahuan Desert is protected in Big Bend National Park making it the largest kind. For more than a thousand miles, the Rio Grande carves the border between the United States and Mexico, leaving a one of a kind landscape.

3. Bayou Byway, Louisiana: Cruising the Bayou Byway will have you shuffling through 13 parishes and 500 miles of the Louisiana backroads. Each of the small towns has their own unique history but all share they hospitality that is unique to Louisiana. Take in authentic Cajun culture as you eat incredible homegrown food and listen to lively jazz. This route is the perfect complement to a rowdy time on Bourbon street.

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Used muscle carsWith the invention of the muscle car, Americans could travel faster and further than they ever had before. To compliment this new freedom, they found new places to drive and new parts of the country to see. As almost an echo to the beauty of the muscle car, these scenic drives are as American as the Corvette and as breath-taking as one as well.

10. Hana Highway, Hawaii: The highway is among the most popular attraction in Maui. Many tourists use this highway to travel along the eastern side of Maui, stopping along the way to take in many of the picturesque waterfalls and attractions. At the end of the road is the Ohe’o Gulch, or “Seven Sacred Pools.” This family of pools and waterfalls is located in Haleakala National park.  Always check driving conditions, as the highway can be closed from time to time due to landslides.

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Known as the “world’s first muscle car”, Pontiac’s GTO debuted in 1964 and undoubtedly changed the auto industry forever.  Designed to be a small car with a big engine, the foundation for the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang was built and new class was built.

Did you know that Pontiac actually cheated when they raced Ferrari in the world-famous Motor Trend exhibition?  We didn’t either until we came across this video from  It’s packed with great tidbits about the GTO as well as set to Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf.

Ohio Corvettes and Muscle Cars 4th of JulyIndependence Day is next week and although we will be closed on Thursday, July 4th, we’re going to celebrate it right with a 4th of July event all weekend!  We invite you to join us at 6788 Whipple Ave NW, North Canton, Ohio for the holiday. We’ve got the best selection of classic cars, Corvettes and muscle cars for you to choose from. If you can’t make the drive, please check out our selection online.  We offer incredibly competitive pricing on all our vehicles, unmatched customer service, the best financing locally or nationwide, and we’ll even ship the car to your front door.  Just ask us!

Have a safe 4th of July and we hope to see you soon.

Increase the value of your classic carAppraising your own classic car can be tricky and considering you want the most from your investment, you may want to improve the value by restoring it.  It’s important that you take the time and care needed to restore the beauty that once was.  If you don’t completely know what you are doing, you can very easily decrease the value or even worse, damage your vehicle. Although this isn’t a complete list, here are a few things to consider if you want to increase the value of your classic car:

Use matching numbers. In the classic car world, the most prize possession is not only a flawless car but one that is equipped with all of its original factory parts. If the vehicles major parts, including the engine, transmission, and rear axle and sometimes the alternator, carburetor, distributor, water pump and cylinder heads, match the original parts numbers, then this means that your numbers are matching.  Any time you need to repair or replace any of the parts on your car, you should replace them with the parts from the same year, make and model to help preserve the value of your investment.

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Whether it’s burning down the quiet roads outside of Canton or rumbling through your neighborhood, We at Ohio Corvettes and Muscle Cars know it’s all about power.  There’s a reason we don’t sell other used cars.  We like power too.  Do you wonder how your classic car holds up to the top speeds of these new muscle cars?

We found this incredibly informative infographic on Pintrest made by the folks at  Check it out and see if your classic beauty could keep up.

Click on the image below to view the full-sized version:

Fastest Muscle Cars of 2013

How To Protect Your Car from Vehicle TheftIt may surprise you to hear, but even with the many auto alarms systems available a motor vehicle is stolen every 33 seconds in the United States. That’s according to an infographic released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which also states that 72% of all motor vehicles reported stolen are passenger cars. Yep, regular boring passenger cars, not amazing sports cars or high line coupes like you would imagine would be on the top of thieves’ wish lists. At least that is good news for the classic car enthusiast, unless there is a real life scenario that plays out like Gone in Sixty Seconds.

This infographic has a couple of interesting tidbits about vehicle theft in the U.S., including the top 10 states and cities for car theft. You may be relieved to see that Ohio was not mentioned, however, that doesn’t mean that car theft isn’t an issue. Luckily, this infographic also provides a few tips on how to prevent your car from being stolen. Do yourself a favor, and always lock your doors and take your keys – most thieves are opportunists. Be sure to check it out to learn how to best protect your car from theft.

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