Avoiding Damage from Road SaltWhen it comes to keeping your car looking sharp, classic car enthusiasts are at the top of the list. Whether you’re frequenting classic cars shows or just getting back and forth to work in style, you want your car to look its best. Winter can sometimes wreak havoc on that plan. Cold mornings try your trusty battery and icy roads challenge tires. One thing we ask you to keep in mind is snowy weather often lead to the use of road salt. While salt is an excellent, cost effective de-icer, it can cause major damage to your car’s finish if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

Keep Your Car Clean

Keeping your car clean is a must during the winter months. Allowing mud, salt, snow or grime to build up can corrode your clear finish. Road salt, especially, promotes rust on the undercarriage. We recommend washing your vehicle twice a month to avoid damage. Be sure to wash your vehicle during the middle of the day when the temperature rises above freezing. After you’re finished, open and close all the doors and the trunk several times to prevent locks from freezing.

Apply a Good Wax Coat

Don’t forget to apply a heavy coat of high quality wax on your vehicle at the beginning of the winter season. The wax coat will help protect your paint from the corrosive salt and cold temperatures.

Use Common Sense While Driving in the Winter

Try to avoid driving through large puddles of standing water. Any puddles will be saturated with road salt. Be sure to address any chips in your car’s paint.

When you follow these easy tips and you’ll protect your vehicle from potential damage from road salt this winter.