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The Corvette is such an iconic classic of automotive excellence that it’s hard to imagine one in any condition other than in the hands of a loving collector. So, how did 36 classic Corvettes end up buried in dust in a garage for years, untouched and unloved? More importantly, what’s going to happen to these […]

Muscle cars are a passion with us. And just like other muscle car enthusiasts we get really excited about anything related to these beautiful beasts. We scour the internet to share the coolest of the cool and this is no exception. Thanks to our friends at Tool Orders we found this exceptional muscle car infographic. Click on […]

Chevrolet released the first generation of its iconic sports car, the Corvette, in 1953. The little convertible only had a 6-cylinder engine in it, but it launched Chevrolet, and later General Motors Corp., into the performance car market. Here is a look at the seven of the most classic Corvettes ever made. 1967 Corvette L88 […]

Picture this: your car starts running ragged or you hear an unexpected sound, pop the trunk, and have no idea what you’re looking at. You don’t have to become a master NASCAR mechanic, but you ought to know your transmission from your engine and how to change your spark plugs. The Basic Engine

American muscle cars are making a comeback. As these become more popular, it’s important to understand what you want in a muscle car. When you’re searching for the perfect car, keep in mind the following considerations. Old or New Image via Flickr by Nick Ares

Whether it’s burning down the quiet roads outside of Canton or rumbling through your neighborhood, We at Ohio Corvettes and Muscle Cars know it’s all about power.  There’s a reason we don’t sell other used cars.  We like power too.  Do you wonder how your classic car holds up to the top speeds of these […]

The definition for a muscle cars is essentially any vehicle of a group of American-made 2-door sports coupe with powerful engines designed for high performance driving. Most muscle cars were sold at an affordable price and were intended mainly for street use or the occasional drag racing. Ohio Corvettes and Muscle Cars extensive inventory attracts […]

It’s easy to remember back to the cars of your youth and fantasize about restoring one to pristine condition. In fact, many restoration projects have begun with great intentions. We have to stress that you need to restore a car for the right reasons. This is a project that could take a long time, a […]

Though some people might argue, the general acceptance is that the 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 is America’s first muscle car. If not the first true muscle car, it was the precursor to all that would come. It’s combination of relatively light body and powerful high-compression overhead valve V8 engine vaulted Oldsmobile from a sedated conservative car […]

For smartphone users, choosing what picture to set as their phone’s wallpaper can be difficult. Maybe a family picture….perhaps one of a beloved pet…or maybe even one of an exotic location they wish they were instead of work. The possibilities are endless! But for muscle car enthusiasts, the choice is quite simple, old or new […]