Muscle Cars HD Wallpapers HEADER

For smartphone users, choosing what picture to set as their phone’s wallpaper can be difficult. Maybe a family picture….perhaps one of a beloved pet…or maybe even one of an exotic location they wish they were instead of work. The possibilities are endless! But for muscle car enthusiasts, the choice is quite simple, old or new muscle car.

We figured we’d help all of you muscle car lovers with this painfully tough decision by featuring a great app that has lots of  classic muscle car pictures to choose from. Muscle Cars HD Wallpapers is FREE and easy to use. Simply browse through images, open the options menu once deciding on an image, and select “set as wallpaper” from the menu.

Unfortunately, Muscle Cars HD Wallpapers is only available on Android phones. But don’t worry iPhone users, we will feature muscle car apps that you too can use in the near future!

Check out the preview shots of the app below and click on the  “download” link (we recommend that you do!) if you like what you see.

Download Muscle Cars HD Wallpapers (Android-only – FREE)

Screenshot 2 - Muscle Cars HD WallpapersScreenshot 3 - Muscle Cars HD Wallpapers