How to Prepare for the Ohio Winters

Image via Flickr by Oregon DOT

Ohio winters can create unsafe conditions for cars that haven’t been prepared for the cold temperatures, snow, and ice. Before changing weather has a chance to creep up on you, make sure you follow these 5 tips to prepare your car for winter in North Canton.

Check Your Car’s Antifreeze Level

North Canton’s average low temperature in January is 19 degrees Fahrenheit. The average high for that month is only 33 degrees!

Those low temperatures make it imperative that drivers check a cars’ antifreeze levels before winter.

You can check your antifreeze level by opening the hood and looking for the reservoir. Most reservoirs have a line showing the maximum amount that they can hold. If your antifreeze doesn’t reach that point, add more to the reservoir to prevent mechanical issues during winter.

Swap Your All-Season for Winter Tires

All-season tires can work well in most driving conditions, but they struggle when the road gets frozen. Replacing your all-season tires with winter tires will give you more control when turning and braking.

Winter tires are made of a rubber specially designed to stay flexible in cold temperatures. The tires even have flexible tread locks that assist anti-lock brakes.

Winter tires may not solve every problem with winter driving, but they give you an advantage that could help you avoid an accident.

Have Your Brakes Inspected

Snow, sleet, and ice are responsible for more than 211,000 crashes in the United States every year. Poor road conditions make it difficult for fast cars to stop, even when they use winter tires.

Drivers can protect themselves from these statistics by having certified mechanics inspect their vehicles before winter. Having a perfectly adjusted braking system will make it a little easier for you to avoid impacts on all road conditions.

Fill Your Windshield Wiper Fluid Reservoir

Drivers don’t spend much time thinking about windshield wiper fluid. At least, they don’t think about it until they need some.

Having a full reservoir of winter blend windshield wiper fluid can actually improve your safety. Many blends include de-icing agents that melt ice on contact. That’s necessary when drivers find themselves out during a harsh Ohio storm.

If you still have regular fluid for your windshield wipers, swap it with one that will de-ice your glass. It will give you more control when you need it most.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Preparing for an Ohio winter often means preparing for the worst. When it comes to your car, the worst case is probably that you have an accident on an infrequently used road. Since you could end up stuck in a storm for hours, it’s good to have an emergency kit that includes:

  • road flares
  • blankets
  • heating pads
  • water
  • non-perishable snacks like granola bars or dried fruit

Ultimately, careful planning is key to preparing your car for Ohio winters. If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, these items will make your night easier.

How do you usually prepare your car for Ohio winters? Does your car have any specific needs for the winter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.