road-trip-pic5. Rocky Mountain Ramble, Northern Colorado: About 110 miles total, the Rocky Mountain Ramble highlights some of the most scenic parts of Rocky Mountain National Park which has over 147 lakes and over 350 miles of hiking trails that border the Continental Divide. There you can see where our great country literally splits. These views are truly a must for any traveler.

4. Big Bend, Texas: In the far southwest corner of Texas lies some of the most breath-taking elevation in America. Over 800,000 acres of Chihuahuan Desert is protected in Big Bend National Park making it the largest kind. For more than a thousand miles, the Rio Grande carves the border between the United States and Mexico, leaving a one of a kind landscape.

3. Bayou Byway, Louisiana: Cruising the Bayou Byway will have you shuffling through 13 parishes and 500 miles of the Louisiana backroads. Each of the small towns has their own unique history but all share they hospitality that is unique to Louisiana. Take in authentic Cajun culture as you eat incredible homegrown food and listen to lively jazz. This route is the perfect complement to a rowdy time on Bourbon street.

2. Lookout Mountain Parkway, Tennessee:  The parkway covers three states and spans Lookout Mountain from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Gadsden, Alabama. Named by Readers Digest as “One of America’s Most Scenic Drives” because of its “scenic brow vistas, unique towns and villages, state and national parks and preserves…”

1. Overseas Highway, Florida: Using old railroad bridges and trusses, the Overseas Highway was constructed in 1912 and nearly demolished in the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. It connects the Florida Keys to the panhandle and has been called the “The Glass Highway” and the “Ocean Highway” because of its long stretches between islands.