What to Know Before You Restore a Classic CarIt’s easy to remember back to the cars of your youth and fantasize about restoring one to pristine condition. In fact, many restoration projects have begun with great intentions. We have to stress that you need to restore a car for the right reasons. This is a project that could take a long time, a very long time in fact. Funding a restoration project is an expensive project, especially if you aren’t exactly savvy in the mechanics department. Don’t take on a classic restoration as a way to make money, almost all restorations cost more than the car will fetch. Here are a few things you should consider before you try to bring that classic beauty to light.

Research, Research, Research

Don’t rush off to restore a car just because you like the way it looks, or because you have a fond memory, or especially because restored it will bring a great price. Any car that brings a big price, costs a lot to restore and their parts are notoriously difficult to find. Be sure to take the time to research, check for known issues with that particular model. Look for parts suppliers and forums in case you have questions later.

While researching you can find common rust areas, parts that wear out or break, common modifications made and certain parts that won’t necessarily fit right. You can keep these in mind while searching for your starting point. Be sure to inspect the vehicle you want to purchase thoroughly, surface rust is not such a big issue, but severe rust or damage to the frame means much work. When purchasing a vehicle be mindful of your skill level, recognize what you can fix and what you will have to send out to professionals.

Do You Have the Space?

When you enter into a restoration project, odds are you need to take the car down to it’s parts. A disassembled vehicle takes up a lot of space. You’ll need at least a two-car garage size space to lay out and organize all your parts. Keep in mind if you’re currently using your two car garage to house your driving vehicles this may cause a huge inconvenience, especially during bad weather. Also, restoring your dream car can become significantly less enjoyable if your space is drafty, cramped or damp.

Do You Have the Supplies?

You’ll need more than a trusty screwdriver and a wrench to restore your car. There will be cleaning, sanding and even welding involved. You can purchase the tools as you move through the restoration, but that is additional money you may not have accounted for. Consider the vehicle you want to restore carefully, some parts are easier to come across than others. The internet is a great source to find parts suppliers. Know your limitations, many steps are simple and you can learn as you go, but for more delicate parts find a reputable mechanic that specializes in classics.

There is nothing more satisfying than driving around town in your fully restored classic car, especially when you tackled it yourself, but the road there is long. If you have the money, time and patience restoring a car can be a fun journey. We encourage you to consider all the factors, so when you do start ¬†your restoration the project remains fun throughout. If you’re looking for a dream classic to drive today, we have an excellent selection and great financing too.